How Do You Buy Computers For Underprivileged Children?

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1 Answer

Purchasing computers for underprivileged children is a noble charitable endeavor. Providing a computer to an underprivileged child gives that youngster opportunities for the future. A computer allows the child to connect with a broader world of information, heightening the child's educational experience and teaching computing skills useful for high paying employment. Computers have the power to transform the lives of needy children. Of course, as with any charitable contribution, buying computers for underprivileged children requires some due diligence---you want to make sure your donation is getting into the hands of a child who needs it. Global Giving Step 1 Log onto One Laptop Per Child, a reputable charity organization dedicated to providing low-cost, Internet-capable laptops to children in developing countries around the globe. Step 2 Click on "Ways to Give." This will take you to a page detailing various giving options. One such option is a $199 donation to provide a laptop to ... more
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