How Do You Calculate Carbs In Homemade Bread?

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1 Answer

Homemade bread is wonderful in so many ways: you can personalize it with special ingredients, you know exactly what goes in to it, and there's nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread coming from your kitchen urging you to have a hot slice with a pat of butter. But when you are trying to follow a strict diet, you may be hesitant to bake as you will not know the carbohydrate and calorie count. Fortunately, figuring out the nutrition facts for a loaf of homemade bread is easier than you may think. Make your bread dough as usual. When making your dough, be sure to follow the recipe exactly as written or write down any alterations in the ingredients. Your recipe should include the flour or oil you will need to roll and shape your bread and any toppings used on the bread, like sesame seeds or eggs. Divide your bread. Whether you are dividing it into loaf pans or rolls, make sure that each loaf or roll is the same size. Some people can be fairly accurate doing this by eye but for a ... more
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