How Do You Calculate Tension In A Drive Belt In Engineering Mechanics?

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1 Answer

Drive belts supply reliable power transmission in a vast array of applications including industrial machines, power tools, appliances and transportation, to name just a few. Belts tend to be better for high speed, moderate torque applications, as opposed to drive chains, which are better for higher torques and lower speeds. They are also better than gears wherever the rotational driving force must be transmitted over a long distance. Calculating the effective tension Te of drive belts is a methodical process with much industry data available to help the first-timer. Define the belt drive tension application. In this example, a motor develops 2-horsepower turning at 1800 revolutions per minute (rpm) as it drives a pump through a timing belt drive, with a static tension of 4 lb. to remove slack. If the driven pulley on the pump is 12 inches in diameter compared to the motor's 3-inch diameter pulley, you can calculate the effective tension Te, as well as the tight and slack side ... more
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