How Do You Care For A Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula?

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1 Answer

The Chilean rose-hair tarantula is a great pet to have. It's different from all other pets and is a fine addition to any home. The Chilean Rose-Hair tarantula is a desert-dwelling species, so they are much easier to care for than the tropical variety, but there are things any perspective owner needs to know in order to make the tarantula’s stay a pleasant one. Purchase a small fish tank or Critter-Keeper, no bigger than 10 gallons. Line the bottom of the tank with 2 to 3 inches of vermiculite or small bark-bit substrate. Place a cave-like retreat of some sort in the tank that allows the tarantula to hide if it wants to. Supply the tarantula with drinking water at all times. This can be done via sponge or small dish of sorts. Moisten the substrate every couple of days with a hand-held water sprayer. The tank should be at about 55 to 70 percent humidity. Feed the tarantula 2 to 3 large crickets or similar insect once a week or so. Baby pink mice work for the adults if you so wish. ... more
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