How Do You Care For Ironwood Carvings?

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Ironwood is a generic term for several different slow-growing trees that produce very dense and hard wood. It is this density and durability that have made it a popular wood for beautiful carvings and furniture. Because ironwood comes from slow-growing trees, and due to its popularity, it is becoming scarce. Ironwood carvings are made throughout the world, particularly in Indonesia and Mexico, and ironwood is prized by artisans worldwide because it is a challenge to work with. Caring for ironwood objects is similar to the care of all wooden artifacts. Monitor humidity. Extreme and sudden changes in relative humidity are the primary cause of deterioration of wooden objects. Excess humidity will cause the wood to swell and can lead to mold growth. The lack of humidity will cause shrinkage and cracking. Relative humidity levels between 30-50% are recommended but it is more important to prevent sudden and frequent changes. Use a hygrometer to monitor levels. Avoid exposure of the ... more
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