How Do You Carve A Wood Duck?

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1 Answer

Carved wooden ducks are primarily used for decoys in duck hunting. However, they also make wonderful additions to home decor, hunting lodges or rustic cabins. Carving a wood duck is truly an art form passed down through many generations. Although the tools of the trade have become much better over time, hand-carving ducks still takes time and patience. Transfer the desired duck pattern with matching top and side views to a block of wood. Use a band saw to cut out the pattern with one continuous line for the top view and the side view. Lay out a pattern with matching views for the head on a second block of wood. Cut along the lines of the top view and then the side view with a band saw. Take the body of the duck that you have cut out and transfer carving guidelines to the wood--tail, head, rump, waterline, wing and centerline. Begin carving along the transfer line with carving tools. The tools you will need are large and small rasps, a regular knife, push-pull knife and some 80- to ... more
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