How Do You Catch Walleye & Sauger?

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1 Answer

Fishing for any species is a challenging yet rewarding experience, but walleye and sauger have become two of the most coveted fish in the U.S. Their fillets are among the most appealing, and many health experts are quick to point out the benefits of consuming fish on a regular basis. Purchase a state-mandated fishing license. Educate yourself on the rules and regulations governing fishing in your region. Most states have minimum-size restrictions on walleye and sauger, as well as many other guidelines. Research walleye feeding rituals and typical habitats in which they are found. To catch walleye and sauger, find a body of water that the species can survive in. They typically flourish in cold, freshwater environments. Study the topography of your region to locate a river or lake that walleye and sauger can endure. Consult your local bait-shop owner. Most have a wealth of knowledge to share concerning local fishing trends. Purchase a variety of fishing tackle. Be prepared to change ... more
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