How Do You Caulk A Toilet Base?

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This article will give advice on how to caulk a toilet base to the floor. Step 1 Clean the floor around the base of the toilet and the base of the toilet itself using soapy water or a antibacterial cleaner. Step 2 Allow the area to dry before applying caulk to prevent trapping moisture under the toilet. Step 3 Cut open the tube of caulk on a angle leaving an opening about 3/16''(Between 1/8'' and 1/4''). Step 4 Apply the caulk using consistent pressure on the caulk tube/gun along with even speed around the base of the toilet keeping the angle of the spout against the toilet base seam allowing the caulk to seal the gap between the floor and the toilet. Step 5 Using you finger wipe the perimeter of the base for a clean thin caulk bead. Step 6 Use the sponge and bucket of water to wipe the perimeter to clean up excess caulk left after wiping with your finger. This will leave a thin bead of caulk. Look over area thoroughly to be sure the entire perimeter is sealed. more
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