How Do You Celebrate Mickey Mouse's Birthday?

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1 Answer

Mickey Mouse's birthday is November 18, 1928. Mickey's first movie was Steamboat Willie. The date that movie debuted is the date of Mickey Mouse's birthday. Mickey Mouse turned 80 years old on November 18, 2008. If you would like to celebrate his birthday, here are a few ideas. Start with a few decorations. Of coarse, they must be either red, black, white, or yellow. A red tablecloth, white and yellow napkins, black plastic forks, and a few yellow, black, white, and red balloons would be great. For food, you can do anything in the shape of Mickey Mouse. Use a Mickey Mouse shaped cookie cutter on sandwiches and Jello Jigglers. You can even make a cake using 1 large and 2 small round cake pans. Put on your Mickey ears and its time to watch some Mickey Mouse movies. You can even watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse if you have young ones celebrating with you. more
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