How Do You Change A Sears Kenmore Sewing Machine Needle?

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1 Answer

Having trouble with this? Sometimes a sewing machine needle breaks, and you have to change it out. You should also change needles when you sew on different weights of cloth. If you're sewing denim weight cloth or canvas, you should install a heavier gauge sewing machine needle. Doing this will prevent needle breakage, and improve the quality of stitching the machine turns out on your projects. Unplug the machine. You don't want to stitch your hand. Use the screwdriver to loosen this screw. Turn it counter clockwise. You don't want to take the screw out. Just loosen it. At this point the sewing machine needle should slide down and out easily. It may have already dropped. Take your new sewing machine needle and orient the flat side of the base toward the tightening screw. Insert the needle into the hole the first one came out of. Tighten the screw by turning it clockwise. more
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