How Do You Change A Surname Under Philippine Law?

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1 Answer

In the Philippines, to change your name you will need to file a petition at the Regional Trial Court in either the city of Manila, if you reside there, or at the RTC in the specific province in which you do reside. The petition is handled through the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, and there is a requirement that you must be a legal resident of your province for three years before you can actually file the request. File the petition for name change with your local RTC and include in the petition the reason you want the name change and the new name you are petitioning for. You must sign the petition or have it signed by another person on your behalf. Request a hearing date. According to the Rules of Court, Rule 103, the court will arrange for the notice of your request to be published in a newspaper that has circulation in your province. Your hearing will not be set before four months after the final notice publication. Attend the hearing where it is possible for anyone to ... more
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