How Do You Change An OTT Light Bulb?

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1 Answer

OTT brand lights are used widely by crafters, artists, seamstresses and other hobbyists. OTT light bulbs bring a superior quality of lighting to any project, because the bulbs give off a natural light that eases tension and strain on the eyes. Turn off and unplug the lamp, then raise the light to its upright position so the entire lamp is aligned vertically. Hold the light base and remove the tube light bulb by gently popping it free from the clip on the end opposite the connection socket. Grip the bulb, as firmly as possible without crushing it, and begin pulling the bulb free from the connection socket. Gently wiggle the bulb from side to side to loosen it, and then pull it free from the connection clip. Gently snap the replacement bulb (tube) into the holding clips at the opposite from the connection socket. Align connection pins with the connection socket, and press bulb down into the connection socket. You'll hear a snapping sound that will indicate that the bulb is connected. ... more
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