How Do You Change Night Sights For A Springfield XD?

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1 Answer

Night sights on a Springfield XD are sights with a glow-in-the-dark material on the sight that the shooter can see in the dark while shooting. Any XD model can have night sights installed and the removal and the installation process is the same for all of the Springfield XD models. A gun smithing tool set is a must to complete this job correctly and without damaging the Springfield XD pistol. Remove the clip and any ammunition in the chamber. Release the hammer from the locked position. Press the button on the front of the XD and pull the slide back at the same time to release the lock holding the slide to the frame. Pull the slide off the XD. Unscrew the securing screw for the front and rear sights on the XD and pull the front and rear sights off the XD. Place the new front and rear sight into the front and rear sight slot. Replace the securing screws and tighten using the screwdriver from the gun toolkit. Replace the slide to the frame and pull the slide back to lock into place on ... more
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