How Do You Change Speakers On Peavey Guitar Amps?

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1 Answer

If you've owned a Peavey amplifier for an extended length of time, odds are you have paid an amp technician large chunks of cash to replace or upgrade the speakers in your cabinet. Here's a simple guide to save you time and money by replacing the speakers yourself. Unplug your amp. Be sure that the power switch is in the down or "off" position. Take off the back of the amplifier by removing the screws that attach it to the cabinet. Be sure to put all the screws in a small plastic container or a small plastic sack so you don't lose them. Disconnect the connected speaker wires from each speaker one at a time. Tape each pair of speaker wire together with electrical tape so you don't confuse them later on when you need to reconnect them to your newly installed speakers. Remove the screws from each speaker carefully. Place the screws in a separate container or plastic sack so you don't get them confused with the other screws. Carefully remove the speakers from the cabinet. Find a clean ... more
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