How Do You Change The Background Color Of A Laptop?

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1 Answer

If you're like most laptop users, you spend a lot of time staring at your screen. On both Windows and OS X operating systems, it is possible to customize the desktop background. Your background can be an image of a favorite person, pet or scene, an abstract design or even a solid color that doesn't distract you or irritate your eyes while you work. Best of all, there are no limitations on how many times you can make the background color change, so if you get tired of a color or image, you can always replace it with a new one. Right-click on any open area of the desktop and select "Properties" from the drop-down menu. Select the "Desktop" tab, click the arrow to the right of the color selection to open the color chooser, and either select one of the 20 pre-defined colors in the boxes, or click "Other" to customize your background color choice. Click "OK" to activate your color choice. Windows displays a "Please Wait" message while it changes the background color. Right-click on any ... more
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