How Do You Change The Belt On A Dodge Stealth?

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If your serpentine belt is squealing or making noise, it may be time for a new belt. The Dodge Stealth uses a single belt that turns all the accessories, making it much easier to maintain and change when the time comes. The Stealth also uses a very specialized type of tensioner that is very user friendly and allows for very precise adjustment of the belt tension. The belt can be changed with basic hand tools and a new belt is available from most auto parts stores or through the Dodge dealership. Locate the serpentine belt tensioned on the front of the engine. It is in the center just below the A/C and alternator pulleys. Locate and loosen the 14 millimeter bolt on the front, center of the pulley with a socket and ratchet. Do not remove it from the pulley. Locate the 12 millimeter bolt at the top of the pulley. Turn the bolt with a socket and ratchet counterclockwise to loosen the tension on the belt. Remove the belt by sliding it off the tensioner and all the pulleys and then pulling ... more
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