How do you change the headlight bulb in a 2005 ford focus?

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2 Answers

There are 3 screws/bolts to remove, two on the top of the light fixture and a third on the outside, but it is hidden between the engine compartment and the fender. And that outside bolt is difficult to reach. You have to remove a couple of bolts and screws on the underside of the front wheel well that hold on the plastic "mud flap" barrier (it might even be easier to remove the wheel - or at least turn it out as far as it will go to give you more room to work.) Once you loosen those, pull back the barrier and look up inside the fender cavity, near the turn signal. You'll have to lie on your back to do this. Reach up inside to back off the bolt. I think it was a 10 mm socket. Once those 3 screws are out, you can pull the entire headlight assembly off, but it will still be attached by a wiring harness. Get a couple of small, flat-bladed screwdrivers and pry the harness clips out, but be careful since the plastic is brittle more
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