How do you change the Power Steering Hose on a 2004 KIA Optima?

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1 Answer

If you are having to fill up the power steering reservoir often (more than once every year or two) you probably have a leak. Look for fluid on the engine's serpentine belt as the Power steering pressure line is routed directly above the serpentine belt on its way to the rack and pinion steering unit at the rear of the engine bay. This results in the serpentine belt having p/s oil on it and the p/s pulley will often slip, making it feel as if your power steering pump is bad. These pressure lines often leak at the first crimping connection directly above the power steering pump's pulley wheel. The entire line has to be replaced (consumer's price at the dealer is approximately $140). Most backyard mechanics can replace this line (2 connections - one at each end (21mm & 17mm flare nut) & 2 clamps (13mm)) without much problem, although it is a bit tricky to snake it back along the firewall. Two people make it an easy install. This will save about another $130 or so to have the dealer ... more
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