How do you change the spark plugs and ignition coil on a 2001 Ford Expedition?

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ANSWER I just finished this job on my 2001 Eddie Bower Expedition Saturday. Deffinitely not a job for beginners. I spent about four hours total. On the 5.4L Triton V8 (2001), each cylinder has its own coil and spark plug (eight of each). The coils are located directly above the plugs and need to be removed to gain access to the plugs. The coils are held in place by a 7mm screw. To remove the coils, remove the 7mm screw and pull the coil up. To remove the 7mm screws, I used a 7mm socket, a universal, and several extensions. If you are just changing the spark plugs, you can change the plug at this time. If the coil needs to be replaced, disconnect the wire connector on the coil after removing it from the engine. There is a small tab that has to be pressed on the wire plug and then it slips right off. Install a new coil in the reverse order. The coil has a rubber boot on the bottom similar to old style spark plug wire boots. more
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