How Do You Change Yarn Colors Within A Round Crochet?

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1 Answer

If you can crochet in the round in one color of yarn, you can crochet in the round using multiple colors of yarn. Changing yarn is a simple matter of dropping one length of yarn and picking up another; when you crochet in the round, you can do this at the end of one round to start another one or in the middle of a round for a rainbow effect. Crochet in the round as you normally would, then stop one stitch before you want a new color. If you plan to change colors at the start of a new round, you will work your color change into the slip stitch that joins the round. If you plan to start in the middle of the round, you will work your color change into any stitch desired within that round. Work one stitch in your old color up until the final loops remain on the hook; for single crochet, this means you will insert your yarn into the next stitch, but for double crochet you will insert, yarn over, and pull through once. Draw your new yarn color over the hook and pull through the loops, then ... more
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