How Do You Check For A Bad DC Electric Motor?

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DC (direct current) electric motors are used in many applications. The majority of these motors are used in automobiles for moving windows and passenger seating. Many times these motors are placed in concealed locations that can make troubleshooting the electrical integrity a bit challenging. Removing these motors for checking them may require the manufacturer's instructions for installing or replacing the motors, but performing a check on the DC motor's integrity can be executed by following some basic procedures. Step 1 Remove the electric motor from its mounted position and all electrical power that operates the motor. This may entail following a manufacturer's list of instructions for physically removing the electric motor from its current location. Step 2 Test the motor's continuity with the volt ohmmeter. Switch the meter to the "ohms" position and place the red and black leads into the meter's connection. The red lead should be connected to "ohms" and the black lead into the " ... more
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