How Do You Check Transmission Fluid On An Isuzu Vehicross?

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1 Answer

Isuzu recommends checking the transmission fluid of a Vehicross at 7,500 miles and then every 15,000 miles thereafter. This is a do-it-yourself job that can be done when you fill up your gas tank or change the oil. If you notice any problems with the transmission fluid, such as an odd color or improper fluid levels, you should correct the problem as soon as possible. Start the engine of your Vehicross and allow it run for twenty minutes. This warms up the transmission fluid. Turn the Vehicross off. Remove the key from ignition. Lift the hood of your Vehicross. Pull the release lever inside of the Vehicross beneath the steering column near the driver side door. Once you do this, feel between the hood and the grill for the safety latch. Pull up on this lever to release the hood. Secure the hood with the safety bar. Locate the transmission oil dipstick. This is located near the battery on the driver side of the engine. It is has a white or yellow handle, depending on the year model. ... more
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