How Do You Choose Paint Colors For Conference Rooms?

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1 Answer

When choosing a paint color for your office's conference room, consider both aesthetics and the practical implications of your color choice. As you shop for paint, remember that color can influence a room's mood, so it is important that you consider the types of meetings you hold in your conference room before making your final choice. Determine what tone you want to create. Paint color sets a room's mood, so before you begin to shop for paint, think about what kind of mood you want to set in your meetings. According to Chinese Feng Shui design principles, traditional white walls may create an atmosphere of open-mindedness, while blue conveys a trustworthy, traditional tone. Shades of green are said to promote relaxation and calmness. Red, on the other hand, may create excitement and energy. Consider the size of the room. Dark paint colors may make a small conference room appear cramped. If you are working with a small space, consider using light shades. Look at the existing ... more
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