How Do You Cite Mosby's Medical Dictionary?

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1 Answer

Mosby's Medical Dictionary is an incredibly useful tool for those entering into the health professions. For many, learning medical terminology is like learning a foreign language, and a good medical dictionary is necessary. Students may refer to Mosby's as a tool for completing a term paper. Doctors may use Mosby's when submitting an article to a medical or other scientific journal. When using Mosby's as a reference, a proper citation must be included with these literary pieces. American Psychological Association (APA) is the most commonly used method of citation. Step 1 Look for the publisher and printing information within the first few pages of the book. Step 2 Take note of the author (if applicable), edition number, year published and publisher location. Step 3 Understand the layout of citation. The APA citation would be: Author. Published work (Edition). (Year). Publisher location: Publisher. Mosby's Medical Dictionary does not have a specified author, so the author would be ... more
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