How Do You Clean A 22 Caliber Rifle?

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1 Answer

22 caliber rifles are a very versatile gun, However they get dirty from time to time and cleaning can improve accuracy, reduce jams and prevent broken parts. The first thing you need to do is buy a good gun cleaning Kit, gun oil, and borescrubber(a cleaner). You can buy these online or in a sporting goods store. Also make sure the gun is unloaded, has an empty chamber and has no ammunition near by. Now dip a copper bore brush(from your gun cleaning kit) in the bore scrubber and run it up and down the barrel of your 22 caliber gun about 10 times. Next remove the brush and use run patches or wads of paper towels threw the barrel until they come out clean. Drip gun oil on one patch and run it threw the barrel, then run one more dry patch down it. Dip the rag in bore scrubber and open the bolt of the gun. Run the rag over the bolt and any surfaces that are dirty in the bolts area. Get a clean rag and dry the area well. Now put a few drops of oil on the bolt and the tract it is on. If ... more
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