How Do You Clean A Dyson (DC28) Animal HEPA Filter?

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1 Answer

The Dyson Animal (model DC28) is specifically designed to remove pet hair; the vacuum also has a HEPA filter, which can help improve indoor air quality and reduce allergy symptoms. Dyson recommends properly washing this filter every three months. Turn the power switch off and unplug your Dyson's power cord. Move your Dyson to the upright position. Press the tab on the dirt canister handle to release it from the vacuum. Lift it away and set it aside. Flip open the cover for the HEPA filter; it's mounted right below where the dirt canister was mounted. Lift the HEPA filter out of its mount. Bring the filter to a sink and run it under cold tap water. Massage the filter and continue to run the water over it. Repeat this until the water runs clear and the filter appears clean. Let the HEPA filter dry for at least 24 hours before reinstalling it in your Dyson. Installation is the reverse of removal. more
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