How Do You Clean Furnace Heat Exchangers?

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1 Answer

A heat exchanger in a furnace is the part of the furnace that transfers the heat from one medium to another. In some furnaces, heated water on one side of the heat exchanger is transferred into steam heat by the heat exchanger, and then delivered to the room or building to keep the air warm. Heat exchangers must be cleaned to keep the furnace from overheating and to prevent dust particles that accumulate on the heat exchange from igniting and causing a house fire. Turn off power to your furnace by flipping the breaker that links to the furnace. Because you are both taking the furnace apart and applying water to the inner parts of the furnace, it is crucial that you make certain that the furnace you are working with is not connected to any power source. Remove the outer panel of the furnace case. Wear work gloves so you do not cut your hands on the panels, as they are usually made of sharp edged pieces of metal or steel. Remove all paneled sides of the furnace that are easily removed ... more
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