How Do You Clean Hard Water Stains From Aquarium Glass?

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1 Answer

One of the maintenance issues a tropical fish hobbyist becomes familiar with is removing hard water stains from the walls of the aquarium. These whitish lime and mineral deposits build up in time--more quickly if the local tap is hard water. If attended to immediately, they can easily by scraped off using a razor blade. But if left to grow thick, the stains become quite a challenge to remove. Fortunately, simple household remedies can do the trick. Empty the aquarium. If the aquarium houses a fish community, transfer them to another tank. Remove all the décor and gravel, which can get contaminated during the cleaning process. Scrape the thick lime deposits with a razor blade. Thick lime deposits will come off easily with a sharp blade. Take care not to scratch the glass with the corner ends of the blade. Apply some vinegar to the area to help soften the crusted deposits. Lay the aquarium on its side and apply vinegar to the stained areas of the aquarium wall sitting at the bottom. ... more
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