How Do You Clean Marble Floors With Vinegar?

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There is no better looking flooring than marble when it is clean and well maintained. Too often, maintenance and custodial staffs do not understand the intricacies of marble and can often do more harm than good when they use the wrong material for cleaning. Even plain water can make a marble finish look dull and dirty, and most acid-based cleaners will actually permanently destroy the shiny polished surface of a marble floor. Once the surface has been dulled, there is nothing that will improve the shine except to regrind and polish. Dust mop the floor using a water-based dust mop treatment. Dust, sand and grit that people bring in when entering the building are harmful to all floors, so dust mopping should be done daily or, in high traffic buildings, several times a day. Fill a mop bucket with two gallons of hot water. Hot water works best in helping the vinegar break the bond that dirt makes with the floor's surface. Add one cup of distilled white vinegar to the hot water. Always ... more
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