How Do You Clean Mildew On Silk?

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1 Answer

Mildew is a common part of life. It grows wherever there is excess moisture. Mildew can grow on anything, including clothing. Removing mildew from clothes can be daunting because there is the risk of damaging the fabric. Silk is an especially fragile fabric and can be easily damaged if steps are not taken with extreme care to remove mildew. There are products that can be used to remove mildew from silk, and certain steps that need to be performed to not only remove mildew from the fabric but to kill the fungi which causes the mildew. Take the stained silk, and then sweep away the mildew onto a piece of cardboard. Use a brush with stiff bristles, but be gentle when brushing. Wash the remaining residue of the mildew with Afta cleaning fluid. This will loosen the residue on the silk, but won't leave any stains or cause discolorations. Apply a dry spotter to the stain. A dry spotter dissipates stains immediately and evaporates without washing. After applying the spotter, apply amyl ... more
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