How Do You Clean Particle Board Subflooring?

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1 Answer

Subflooring can collect odors almost as much as the carpeting that is laid over it. Over time these odors can build up and linger even after the carpet has been changed. With particle board, the key is to work in small areas and work quickly so that as little moisture as possible enters the wood. By doing so, you can avoid warping and/or swelling at the joints. Follow the guidelines below to clean the subfloor and remove the odor for good. You Will Need: • Vinegar or bleach • Water • Bucket • Stiff broom • Vacuum • Kilz or Zap oil based paints (optional) • Paint roller or sprayer (optional) Steps to Clean the Subflooring: • Start by thoroughly vacuuming or sweeping the particle board to remove any loose dust and dirt. • Next, combine either one part vinegar with one part water or 1 part bleach with 3 parts water in the bucket. Either of these solutions will eliminate the smell and the bleach will also disinfect. • Next you will begin washing the floor. To avoid getting too much ... more
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