How Do You Clean Porcelain Tiles With No Streaks?

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1 Answer

Porcelain tiles are common in bathrooms but are becoming more affordable and therefore more common in flooring choices. While porcelain tiles are durable and look good, due to the glaze that is applied to them they present a cleaning challenge. They are easy to clean, but they tend to streak badly. There is no need to despair, though; there are easy ways to handle the streaking. Mix 3 cups of white vinegar with 2 gallons of warm water. Either leave in a bucket for mopping or fill a spray bottle for convenience. Mop floors with this mixture using a microfiber cloth. If necessary, wring the mop and go over the floor until it is dry. The microfiber cloth helps prevent streaking. Spray to clean other porcelain tiles, or wet the microfiber cloth. If you spray, wipe thoroughly with the microfiber cloth, wringing and wiping until the tiles are dry and streak free. To save energy wiping and wringing repeatedly, you can clean the area and let it dry naturally, then buff it with a dry ... more
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