How Do You Clean Rust Out Of Galvanized Water Pipes?

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1 Answer

Galvanized pipes became a popular fixture in American homes when it was thought that they would resist rusting better than other types of pipes. As it turns out, galvanized pipes are prone to rusting from the inside of the pipe, which can constrict the flow of your water, and potentially contaminate the supply. Check to see whether there is a rust problem in the galvanized pipes. It will be clear if you have a build up of rust in the pipes as the flow will be badly constricted and the water supply may be reduced to a trickle. Purchase a chemical pipe cleaner. A product such as this should have the required power and effectiveness to wash away the rust when you apply it. Chemical cleaners are readily available at most hardware stores. Apply the pipe cleaner to the pipe. Instructions may vary depending on which brand of pipe cleaner you have bought, so follow the instructions on the bottle and apply the pipe cleaner. Leave the cleaner to circulate for as long as instructed on the ... more
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