How Do You Clean Salt Stains From Garage Floors?

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1 Answer

Driving in the winter months in cold climates often leads to the accumulation of road salt and sand on a vehicle. When vehicles with salt-encrusted tires are parked in a garage, it is likely that salt will end up staining the floor as the moisture from the tires and vehicles drips and dries. Salt is soluble in water, making salt deposits easier to remove than motor oil stains. Clear any vehicles out of the garage and keep the garage doors open. Use your pressure washer to loosen and wash the salt stains away, directing water toward the garage doors. Pressure washers can shoot water much faster than standard hoses and consume less water. If you don't have a pressure washer you can try to use a standard hose, which can work for mild to moderate salt stains. Use a stiff-bristled brush to scrub the salt stains and loosen them up. The water that the pressure washing leaves behind will help dissolve the stains. Use your pressure washer again to clean away the salt that you loosened with ... more
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