How Do You Clean Up Styrofoam Packing Peanuts?

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2 Answers

It's nice to get a package in the mail, whether expected or unexpected. It is annoying, however, to deal with the packing peanuts. It is better when companies use inflated plastic pillows to cushion your goods. But, just like the ecological, nonpoisonous anti-freeze that is ignored in favor of the cheaper deadly kind, we will continue to receive some packages filled with cheap, static electricity-infused, non-biodegradable Styrofoam. There's one good way to clean it up quickly. Don't wear fleece garments when throwing away Styrofoam (polystyrene) peanuts. A static electicity forms with plastic, and fleece is made from recycled plastic bottles. As well, don't use the plastic dustpan or the plastic brush that pairs with it, even though the former seems like a good scoop. Get brown paper bags. Roll back your sleeves. Transfer handfuls of the Styrofoam peanuts to the brown paper bags. The brown paper has no relationship with polystyrene. They are indifferent to one another. This makes ... more
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