How Do You Clean Vintage Barbie Clothes?

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1 Answer

Your vintage Barbie doll can be in mint condition, but if she's dressed in dirty apparel it can destroy the entire presentation. Over the years dirt and dust can accumulate on your doll's clothing making it look dirty, and can break down the fabric causing it to deteriorate. Cleaning your vintage Barbie doll clothes is a task that should be handled carefully so as not to damage them. With proper care these clothes can be cleaned up and looking like new in minimal time. Pour clean warm water into a small plastic container to fill it up ¼ of the way full. Add a mild bleach free dish soap or Woolite to the container to make the water sudsy. Place an article of the clothing into the container and affix the lid. Gently shake the container to agitate the clothing in the water. Shake the container back and forth and up and down for 30 seconds. Remove the clothing and rinse it under warm running water to remove any residual soap. Press the clothing gently with your hands to expel any excess ... more
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