How Do You Clean, Wash, Deodorize Crocs And Rubber Sandals?

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1 Answer

Crocs and rubber sandals are great in the summer, but heat means sweat. Without proper washing, your Crocs or rubber sandals will begin to stink. Here's a quick how-to for effective cleaning. Soak ~ Combine 1/4 cup baking soda with sinkful of warm water. Soak Crocs or sandals for 10 minutes. Scrub ~ Gently scrub Crocs or sandals inside and out. If dirt or grime does not come free easily, repeat soak and scrub again. Rinse ~ Rinse Crocs or sandals with cold water. Rinse well to remove slippery baking soda residue. Dry ~ Dry with paper towel or air dry. more
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