How Do You Clean (Wash) Soft-Sole Leather Baby Shoes?

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1 Answer

How to care for leather items has long been a mystery for most of us. Leather purse gets dirty; you donate it. Leather coat gets dirty; you take it to a cleaner. We do feel more comfortable when dealing with adult leather shoes; the supplies to clean and protect these are widely and easily available. But when it comes to children's soft-sole leather shoes many of us are confused by the conflicting information facing us. We've been told all our life not to wash leather in a washing machine and yet that is exactly what most manufactures of soft-sole leather shoes recommend. The Washing Machine? One of the reasons we are told not to wash leather items is that a uniform amount of water needs to penetrate all areas of the leather equally in order to keep it from discoloring. When dealing with the size and the weight of leather used in children's soft sole shoes the ability to properly saturate the leather is not a problem. Whether washed with other clothing, or by themselves, your soft- ... more
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