How Do You Clean White Landscape Rocks?

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1 Answer

White landscaping rock can make your yard look clean and crisp. As the years go by, though, white landscaping rock can turn black from mildew or green from algae. Most white landscaping rock is limestone, which means it holds up quite well to a rough cleaning when you use the correct products. Though some people will just cover the dirty rock with new rocks, cleaning your white landscaping rock is possible with some hard work. Drill eight holes in the bottom of the tub to provide drainage. Put on your safety glasses. Long pants and sleeves are also recommended to protect you from flying rocks and bleach. Use the leaf blower to remove surface debris from your white landscaping rock. Remove the rocks from their bed using the shovel and put them in a large tub. Power-wash the rocks with water to remove dirt. Rotate the rocks several times to ensure you have cleaned the surfaces. Move the rocks to another large tub that does not have drainage holes. Pour 3 cups of bleach over the rocks, ... more
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