How Do You Clear A Dog's Stuffy Nose?

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1 Answer

When a dog gets a stuffy nose he wants to blow out through his nose, much in the same way that we sneeze. A stuffy nose in a dog can be caused by any number of things. It could be a sign of a dog cold, a nasal infection, a tooth problem, allergies, a foreign object lodged in his nose, or a heart ailment. Massage the top of the dog's nose and the puffy parts of her muzzle if you notice your dog lowering her head and snorting towards the ground like she is trying to suck air in and out of her nose. This is not uncommon among dogs and is usually an indication of minor nose irritation that passes quickly. Massaging the nose helps to relieve the irritation. Make a vet appointment if you dog has a stuffy nose for more than 24 hours. There is very little that you can do to help your dog with his stuffy nose, and proper diagnosis is necessary before the problem can be treated. Get a cool mist vaporizer and run it near where your dog sleeps. This helps to keep her bronchial tubes moist and ... more
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