How Do You Close Bank Accounts For The Deceased Without A Will Or Probate?

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1 Answer

A will explains how people want their belongings to be transferred. When a person dies without a will, a probate court will search for legally valid heirs (children, grandchildren, parents, siblings). It is not easy to close a bank account for a deceased person if you are not a legal heir and there is no will, but it can be done. Gather documents that identify your parent-child relationship with the deceased, for example a birth certificate. Schedule an appointment to speak with the bank manager and present the death certificate. If the bank account has no funds and is not overdrawn, the manager might freeze the account or place a hold to prevent unauthorized charges. Contact the trustee of the person's estate. Some people create a trust while they are alive to handle their affairs, including paying their expenses. The trustee usually has power of attorney and can close the bank account. File a petition with a local probate court and request that you be named administrator of the ... more
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