How Do You Connect A Motorola Bluetooth Headset To A Samsung Phone?

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1 Answer

Bluetooth is a popular technology for connecting mobile phone and headsets wirelessly. By pairing Bluetooth-enabled phones and headsets, users can make and receive calls without a conventional wired headset. Samsung is a popular mobile phone manufacturer that includes Bluetooth connectivity in many of their latest models. Users of Bluetooth-enabled Samsung phones can easily pair their phones to Bluetooth-enabled headsets from manufactures such as Motorola. Press the "Menu" button on your Samsung phone. Select "Settings" from the main menu. Select "Set Connectivity" from the Settings menu and choose "Bluetooth." Turn on Bluetooth for the phone and select the "My Devices" menu item. Turn on the Motorola Bluetooth headset and wait for the blue LED indicator to stop flashing. Choose "Search for new device" on the phone's My Devices menu and press "Select." Wait for the Motorola headset to be found by the phone. Choose the headset on the phone and press "Select." Enter the passkey for the ... more
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