How Do You Construct Stands For Stage Props?

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1 Answer

Stage props come in many shapes and sizes, so stand needs vary based on the weight, shape, size, location and visibility of the object. In general, you do not want the stand for your props seen, so they generally attach to the back of the prop. A few techniques can be used to make stage props stand up, but make sure the method you use is secure enough for the weight of your prop. If you don't mind the stand being seen, consider using painted music stands or wreath stands for small, lightweight props like signs. Create a stand for lightweight cutouts made from foam core, cardboard or 1/8-inch plywood by cutting a 15-inch square of 3/4-inch plywood with a miter saw. Cut a 15-inch length of 2-by-4 lumber with a miter (sometimes called "chop") saw and screw it to the square along one of the 2-inch edges, about 2 inches from one side of the square. Paint the entire piece black or the color of your stage floor, if it is something other than black. When the paint is dry, staple the prop ... more
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