How Do You Convert 9Mm Film To DVD?

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1 Answer

Film requires a special projector in order to play it, so the best solution is to convert 9mm film to DVD so that it can be watched using a computer or DVD player. This format will also insure the life of the film over the long term. The procedure for converting 9mm film to DVD can be done at home, and will not take more than a couple of hours to complete. Rent or buy a 9mm film projector. Set it up in a darkened room opposite a movie screen on the wall. Thread the 9mm film onto the projector and turn it on. Focus the image of the film so that it is sharp. Turn off the projector. Place a video camcorder on a tripod so that it is aimed directly at the screen and centered to where the film image is being projected. Turn on the video camcorder. Turn on the film projector and start the film playing. Look through the video camcorder and make any adjustments necessary so that the image of the film on the screen looks good. Rewind the film back to the beginning. Start the video camcorder ... more
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