How Do You Convert A Storage Building To A Two-Stall Horse Barn?

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1 Answer

If you're bringing horses into your life and you would like them to live at home with you, you can convert an existing storage building into a two-stall horse barn. The building must have a minimum size of 12 feet by 24 feet with sidewalls at least 9 feet high in order to accommodate two 12-by-12 stalls for your full-sized horses. The building should be located in a well drained area. Dirt floor is preferred, but a concrete floor can be covered with rubber mats to provide the necessary cushioning. Plan the surrounding area, including fencing, so each horse will have a turnout area of at least 400 square feet---20 feet by 20 feet is optimal. Horses are herd animals, so if they get along, it's best to have a shared turnout paddock. Determine which side of the building on which to place the turnouts. You can add doors to the other side, so you don't have to walk through the turnouts to get into the stalls for cleaning. Stall doors should be at least 4 feet wide. If you're going to allow ... more
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