How Do You Convert Knitting Patterns To A Loom?

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1 Answer

Loom knitting is easy on the hands, quick to learn and offers a fairly fast end result. You may find, however, that there are not that many loom knitting patterns available or that you particularly like certain hand knit patterns. With some experience, time and creativity you can convert hand knitting patterns to loom knitting, expanding the possibilities for your craft. Choose a pattern. Be sure your loom has enough pegs for the pattern you have chosen. Look at the suggested number of cast on stitches. You will need a peg for each cast on stitch. Determine all stitches from the right side of the fabric. Purl stitches on wrong side rows will become knit stitches. Wrong side row knit stitches will be purled on the knitting loom. This step is only necessary if the hand knitting pattern you are adapting has been designed for flat or back-and-forth knitting. Patterns meant to be knitted in the round will not require adjusting for wrong side rows. Chart the stitch pattern. You can do this ... more
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