How Do You Convert Wendy Bellisimo Baby Bed To A Toddler Bed?

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1 Answer

Wendy Bellissimo cribs are typically manufactured by Bassett furniture. Wendy Bellissimo is the designer, but not the manufacturer of the actual piece. Typically these pieces are 4-in-1 conversion kits---meaning they go from being a baby crib, to a toddler bed, to a day bed to a full size bed. The conversion process is very simple if you have the right tools. Remove the mattress from the crib and set aside. Place the mattress setting on the lowest setting possible (the closest to the ground). Locate the screws that keep the front railing in place. There are typically four total, two per side---one at the top, one at the bottom on each side. Remove each of the screws, and remove the front railing completely and set it aside. Locate the additional toddler bed railings and screws. These are typically about two feet long and about 18 inches high. Install the toddler bed railings by screwing them in directly to the railing below where the mattress is installed. Replace the mattress back ... more
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