How Do You Cook Frozen Dungeness Crab?

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Frozen Dungeness crabs are fully cooked, making them easy to prepare. Simply thaw them and remove the meat from the shells. While these tasty crustaceans are retailed frozen whole, the leg portions, or clusters, are also available. Typically, even though pricier per pound, there is less wasted material when using clusters as opposed to whole crabs so usually they're the better buy. Most seafood lovers will agree hands down that it's hard to beat hot Dungeness crabmeat just pulled right from the shell, dipped in melted butter and sprinkled with lemon juice. But resist the temptation, and combine the succulent sweetness of crabmeat with the delicate lightness of flatfish by topping flounder, sole or fluke fillets with rich Dungeness crab topping. Garnish this elegant entrée with fresh parsley sprigs and lemon wedges, and serve to 4 with fresh spinach salad, wild rice, hot crusty garlic bread, and a good white wine. Thaw the frozen Dungeness crabs, remove the meat and finely flake 1/3 ... more
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