How Do You Cook Like A Gourmet Chef?

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1 Answer

You don't have to go to culinary school to cook like a gourmet chef. Use some of their ideas and incorporate them into your cooking to spice up your dinner table without professional restaurant experience. It's easier than you might think. Step 1 Shop from 3 separate lists, just like a gourmet chef: a pantry list with the must-haves frequently used in many recipes, a freezer list for your cooking add-ins, and a refrigerator list with your perishable necessities. Keep the lists ongoing, even on non-shopping days so they stay current. Step 2 Experiment with more spices in your meals. Combine them into rubs and marinades, or try a new mixture when cooking meat. Step 3 Practice making sauces that turn out perfectly. The right texture and thickness can make any meal seem gourmet-like compared to its ill-prepared counterpart. You can serve the same type of meat every night for a week and it will taste like new if you add a different sauce to it each time. Step 4 Buy dependable and ... more
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