How Do You Cook OKRA Without The Slime?

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2 Answers

I love Okra but thinking about eating and cooking with the slime sometimes keep me away. Okra is a complete food that has a plethora of nutritional value so I had to find a way to get over the natural slime that okra carries. If you are anything like me, you will know how discouraging cooking with the slime in okra is. So I have documented a technique my mother taught me to eliminate the slime from the okra. 1) Choose smaller okra pods e.g. under 3 inches. 2) Add lime juice to soak in raw okra for a while and then cook. 3) Slice the tip off each okra pod. Then soak in red wine, vinegar or lime/lemon juice for 30 minutes, drain, rinse, and dry. 4) Dry the okra thoroughly before slicing. Moisture brings out the slime. 5) Handle the okra with care. Don't stir the whole okra while cooking, and serve carefully without breaking the pods because rough handling brings out the slime. 6) The more you cut the okra the slimier it gets. So trim the pod and tips without cutting into the whole pod. more
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I have also found that cooking okra with tomatoes cuts way down on the "slime factor."  I don't have any scientific data, but my asumption is that the acid from the tomatoes breaks down the slime very much the same way the citrus juice does in the method above.  Good luck!

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